Power Beats by Dr. Dre Sport In-Ear Headphones Review

Power Beats by Dr. Dre Sport In-Ear Headphones The good: The Dr. Dre Beats Power Sport provides a safe hold for the average user, and the design is well suited for running and other outdoor activities. The game includes some useful accessories, such as a rigid and a remote control module and a microphone for use with IOS devices. The sound is clear, and the appearance is elegant.
The bad: Although the number of beats is the position of power in a low and not designed to take maximum advantage. The helmet is expensive for fitness and do not seem particularly resistant or sweat-resistant.
The end result: the Power Sports Beats by Dr. Dre is a reasonable solution for style-conscious drivers to burn money, but auditors fitness of mind would be better served by other options the market.
The helmet is not the rage these days limited, but we believe that the people of the last place in the gym gadget style would be affected. However, many producers on the belief that a good technology, banking, no matter how much sweat, so the Beats by Dr. Dre Monster Power Sports. These headphones offer a $ 150 safe handling, integrated into the controls of the iPhone, and an elegant look - but expensive for the formation of a helmet, and do not seem particularly resistant or sweat-resistant.
However, the monster style, with increased power falls. Those who have the appearance of the Beats by Dr. Dre line based on these headphones definitely love the sport. bold chrome helmet with a small arm of shiny black signature logo "b" decorated attached. Rubber hooks are connected with Bud and holds firmly in place for jogging and aerobics. Monster of three sizes of silicone tips to help with the convenience and portability from the in-ear headphones.
That is, the power can not easily beats for all airlines because they can cause pain in the ear tester to stand for about 45 minutes. In addition, there is only one set of ear clip lead, not removable, the problems to some extent. Finally, we provide the durability of the headset, as the red wire is very thin and the headphones do not seem resistant to perspiration (not that called the function somewhere on the product package or website).
Power Beats with a nice hard case and a clothespin to hold the cable coming in person. This can be useful for those who want to use the microphone with a cell phone. The diamond shape is also responsible for volume control and call button and adjust the reading when the IOS any device (play / pause and forward / back).
In performance tests we could only disappointed by the sound of Power Beats offer or were washed away. Audio comes through clear and warm enough, with a small bead on the bottom. In fact, the helmet in a position of success worthy low end, but only if it is plugged directly into the ear headphones, not how they should be used. These headphones are designed so that external noise, which is a good thing when you work to block. However, the victim is weak, so what you give to your exercise routine to the next level should look elsewhere.

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